Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkins and Bunnies

We started what we hope to be a new fall family tradition this weekend - a trip out to the country to go pumpkin' huntin'! As you can see in the picture above, almost all of us were thrilled with the experience!

The little village of Bycoš lies just about 40 minutes away from our house - to the southeast of Prague (click here to see the route in Google Maps - if you click the KML icon above the map, you can do a "flyover" in Google Earth - cool!). What's in Bycoš? Farmer Jan Brotánek's Pumpkin Farm!

We got Czech license plates for our car just yesterday - perfect timing to head out to the country! All three car seats fit in, side by side (though just barely), so we bundled up, strapped in, and hit the road. A cool fall day under sunny skies set the perfect backdrop for this little farm, piled high with pumpkins, gourds and squash of just about every variety. Plus, there were BUNNIES! Maybe it's the weather... maybe the diet of pumpkins... whatever caused it, these bunnies were HUGE! More like little fluffy dogs with long ears than cute little rabbits!

Anyway, between the pumpkins, the bunnies, and a farmer's lunch of pumpkin soup, barbequed hot dogs and chicken, all chased down with hot mulled wine... a smashing (not pumpkins) great time was had by all! Now we just gotta carve em!

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