Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mineral Water? Yuuuk?

"Dat not weal watur, Daddy", was Danna's first comment after a scrunched up face and a spitooie. Sure - people travel from all over to fill up their water bottles from the mineral springs of Poděbrady - a spa town not far out of Prague. The water, heavy in carbonic acid, magnesium and calcium, may indeed be good for what ails you... but it sure don't taste good, as both Jad and Danna will testify to.

We had actually caught the train to Poděbrady not for the water, but for the crystal glassware. Unfortunately, we forgot to remember that in any place other than the most touristy of tourist centers, the weekend is sacred here, and things are closed up tight.

Fortunately, falling leaves, a big park with lots of bushes to hide in, nekkid statues, and a gnome ringing his metallic mushroom every 15 minutes are much more fun than either yucky mineral water or glassware - particularly if you're under 5 years old. And a ride back home on the double-decker "City Elephant" train makes the trip just about perfect!

Click here for lots of pictures from this day trip amid the Fall colors of the Czech Republic!

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