Monday, September 3, 2007

The first taste of Prague

On Monday, suitcases finally unpacked, and things more or less put away, we bundled up as best we could and headed out on a family adventure - a walk to the nearby Nebušice village for lunch. Did I mention yet that it's chilly here? For a family used to Muscat's cool 98° evenings, today's high temperature of 58° F (14° C) was downright Arctic! So... as I said, appropriately bundled up (Kyler was nothing but a pink nose under a stack of blankets), we headed for the local restaurant / penzion (hostel) . Not sure of the name, but Staropramen beer was featured prominently on their sign.

We muddled through an order from the menu using our handy Czech phrasebook, sign language and a fair amount of grunting, and ended up with the Denní menu (Daily dish). Two steaming plates of noodles piled with pork goulash appeared in short order, accompanied by a bottle of mineral water (for Erin), a 1/2 liter of the pub's namesake golden brew (for me) and a plate of Klobása sausage for the kids. Total damage? 227 Crowns ($11) to feed the four of us (those eating solid food) sure beats McDonalds! Oh - and the drinks? 250 ml. of water cost a crown more than twice as much beer! First report on Czech pivo (beer)? We both had to agree that it was good! Even to the two of us who lived several years in the microbrew capital of the world (the Pacific Northwest) without ever acquiring a taste for the the stuff.

If this first meal in town is any indication, I think we're going to be able to adapt pretty quickly to our new home in the Czech Republic!

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Stephanie said...

Welcome home, Rubesh family! Prague looks beautiful as does your new home. We missed seeing you all in Oregon this summer, but I am glad I can keep up with you via the blogsphere!! Take care.. and I guess stay warm! Heehee!

XO Stephanie Morris