Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mama said there'll be days like this

Did you ever wonder why baby blankets were so big? I hadn’t either, but now I know why. It was my 2nd day in our new home in Prague as a stay-at home mom of 3 small kids. At 8:50 am the doorbell rang. Not only was I still in my pajamas, but I was nursing my 2 month old baby. YIKES!! I considered having my 4 year old answer the door, but decided against it. I grabbed a baby blanket, threw it over the baby and part of me and opened our front door. Fortunately, the guy at the door was from the embassy and he was just delivering our mail that had been piling up the last 3 months. I was thankful that he didn’t gasp or faint at the sight of me wearing a baby blanket.

My plan was to get dressed as soon as he brought in the 5 boxes of mail. However, while he was delivering our mail, 2 other men showed up to work on 2 of our chandeliers. (There are 2 chandeliers in the living room and family room that are so low that even I – at 5’6”- have bonked my head on them.) By this point, I had stopped nursing Kyler, but I was still in my pajamas—agh! The mail guy left, but before the chandelier guys finished, Mr. Zack came by to fix our heat. (Yes, it was the first week of September and we needed our heat on!! I’m going to freeze this winter!!) Mr. Zack left as well as the chandelier guys. Finally a chance to get out of my pajamas! But alas, it was not meant to be! Roddick, the local security guard, came by to show me how to set our house alarm.

At last around 10 am I was able to get dressed –hallelujah! (Notice I didn't mention getting a shower!!) Just in time for our air freight shipment to arrive – 6 HUGE boxes! Wanting to get a jump start on unpacking, I immediately started taking stuff out of boxes. It seemed that each pile I put down, Jad and Danna decided to play with. In a matter of minutes, the living room and dining room were an absolute mess!! Books, clothes, toys, and kitchen stuff was strewn across tables, furniture and the floor.

It wasn’t even noon yet and 7 different men had been in the house either fixing something or delivering something. Crazy chaos best describes the state of the house (and how I felt). After getting lunch ready, I was so looking forward to the kids’ nap so that I could have some peace. Ding-dong, the doorbell rang for the umpteenth time!! This time it was the internet guy ready to get us connected. I wasn’t about to turn him away even though Danna was on the verge of a meltdown and the baby was crying. Thankfully, he got us set up with the world wide web in less than an hour and we had no more visitors the rest of the day! Whew!! As the lyrics go, “Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this my mama said!”

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Amen, sister!