Friday, November 23, 2007

Date Night #6

Every family needs a friend like Sophie -- she loves kids, she makes herself useful in the kitchen, and she knows the importance of date nights for me and Kevin. Sophie also has the distinction of being the first non-family member to fly to Muscat for a visit and she repeated the tradition here in Prague. Sophie is from France and has been our friend since our Portland days. She has a degree in food technology so I picked her brain about cooking low-sodium for Danna. During her 3-day weekend visit, she read to the kids, played with the kids, listened to the kids, and taught them how to make a yummy (and nutritious) cake. And she insisted on babysitting so that Kevin and I could enjoy a date night!!! Anyone who will take care of our 3 kids single-handed is a keeper!! Like I said, every family needs a friend like Sophie!

She was with us for our weekly 'family fun night'.. We went to the Prague Castle, saw the changing of the guard, and walked across Charles Bridge (see above photo-- Kyler isn't in it since he was helping me take the shot). The next evening, for our date night, Kevin and I went to the Crocodile Cafe for coffee and sweets. (Sorry, no photo!)

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