Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trick or Treating

What do you get when you cross a pretty princess, a handsome detective and a cute lion? A recipe for a fun night of Trick or Treating, that's what! Halloween night at our Mala Sarka housing development has become famous in Prague. Somehow the word got out that if you dress up in a costume, learn a couple funny english words "Trick or Treat", and knock on doors, those funny Americans will actually give you candy... for free!

Kids are trucked in from all corners of town, and for two hours each year, the neighborhood takes on a life of its own! Kids of all shapes, sizes and costumes dash from door to door in a frenzied effort to collect as much free sugar as possible. Parents tag along in the background, snapping pictures, chatting amongst themselves and hopping from foot to foot to keep warm (for some reason, the cold doesn't seem to affect the kids - they're too focused on the candy!)

Tonight was Jad (Sherlock Holmes) and Danna's (Princess "Leia") first experience with "real" trick or treating. In Oman, the international school put on an annual festival, with trick or treating at each classroom door. The concept of being outside and running from house to house was a new one. While we filled our bags with a wide assortment of sugar products, Erin and Kyler stayed home to feed the teeming masses from our own stash of candy.

Candy bags bulging, noses running, and fingers freezing, we returned home to count our treats and plan how to trick Mommy into letting us eat them!

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