Sunday, November 11, 2007

Snow !

So - we were eating our breakfast this morning in the kitchen, when we looked up from our BamBam Pebbles and Dinosaur Oatmeal and noticed something different... something white... something fluffy coming down from the sky. Yep - it was SNOW! Real, big, fluffy, white flakes of SNOW! Excitement mounted as it began to stick to the ground outside. First question? "What does it taste like, Daddy?" I was in the middle of trying to explain that it was a bit like fluffy ice cream when I figured the best way to answer the question would be to get them some to try. So - out to the back yard I tromped in my stylish green bathrobe and flip-flops to grab them each a couple spoons of fresh snow. Nothing like snow to complete a tasty breakfast!

We gobbled down our breakfast, threw on some "snow clothes" and headed outside. Jad now knows how to make snowballs and throw them at his Daddy. Danna specialized in tasting snow... snow from the sky, snow off the grass, snow off the driveway... you get the idea. Fun stuff! Unfortunately (for us snow-lovers), the snow had been rained away by the time we headed out to church, but this bodes well for a snowy winter!

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