Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Under the Jackalope's Gaze

We recently discovered a new favorite restaurant here in Prague. With "bottomless" drinks, free meals for kids under 10, and an honest to goodness Jackalope mounted on the wall, "Buffalo Bill's Tex Mex Bar and Grille" is our kind of place! Buffalo Bill's is just a couple blocks away from the Mustek metro station on Wenceslas Square.

In our never ending search for good chips, tacos and burritos, we've found some real doozies here in Prague. Buffalo Bill's though is the real thing! Melted cheese... salsa... chips... guacamole, and more Bill Cody paraphernalia than you can shake a six-shooter at! (Oh - and no soya sauce in sight!) And... did I mention? Bottomless drinks? In a country where a 1/2 liter of beer usually costs about half as much as a European-sized, 8-ounce mini-bottle of Coke, the idea of free refills is a rarity, to say the least!

As you descend the stairs into Bill's underground lair, you're surrounded by movie posters, chuckwagon accessories, Native American costumes and weaponry, and YES - an excellent specimen of the Wild West's most fearsome critter - the horned Jackrabbit known as a Jackalope. Jad and Danna just had to touch it to make sure it was real. As you're waiting for your meal (brought to you by waiters that actually SMILE!), chill out and enjoy the country music playing in the background!

Often, restaurants overdo the decor to cover up pretty poor food. That's not the case here - the portions are large and tasty, at prices which won't break the bank! If you're looking for good TexMex in Prague... this is the place for you. I'm getting hungry just writing about it, and can't wait to go back again!

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