Monday, April 28, 2008

Date Night #15 - Chips & Soy Sauce

Date Night 15 - April 27, 2008
Temperature: High - 55 °F/13 °C; Low - 39 °F/4 °C
Location: Calvera Restaurant (Click here for map)

Last night, we located what is perhaps the worst Mexican restaurant in the world... well, at least in Prague. I pass the Calvera Bar & Restaurant just about every day on my way to and from work, and curiosity finally got the best of me. It looks like one of those places that might be a hidden gem - one of those "hole in the wall" restaurants that you take your friends to to impress them with your insider knowledge of Prague. So - with high hopes, and tummies yearning for good salsa, we stepped under the faux stone archway decorated with skulls, and found a table by the bar.

We decoded the Czech menu enough to make our order, and sat back to enjoy the ambiance - the walls were decorated with murals and framed photos of famous western movie stars. Cowboy nick-knacks swathed in greens, yellows and reds dominated the crowded room. So far so good. Then the food arrived.

We should have known we were in trouble when we saw the array of condiments placed at each table - bottles of Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce Extra Virgin Olive Oil and "Mexican Ketchup" complemented the Heinz chilli sauce. Erin's Tortilla plate arrived first... some dry chicken, topped with a tortilla, topped with a dollop of melted cheese. Ten minutes later, our appetizer arrived. The "Nachos con gusto" consisted of grated mozzarella cheese, tossed with a bowl of tortilla chips. Yum! Finally, just as Erin was polishing off the remnants of her cheesy tortilla, my fajitas arrived. By now, I was starving, and I dug in with gusto... to what is probably best described as sweet & sour chicken wrapped in a warm tortilla. No wonder there was a bottle of Soy Sauce on the table! Oh - I forgot to mention the "Strawberry Margarita." Fortunately, I secretly kind of like cough syrup. That's what this drink reminded me of. A nice, fruity, red cough syrup, poured over ice, with a lemon stuck on top. We escaped Calvara with Czk 590 ($35) in damages, and headed out for greener pastures to find dessert. Fortunately, the delights of a springtime Prague evening awaited!

Prague in the springtime is a magical place... all over town, tables are appearing on sidewalks, people are lounging on blankets in the parks, and trees are blooming. After a walking tour through the back alleys of Mala Strana, we climbed the hill to the imposing Strathov Monestery. The BellaVista Restaurant definitely lives up to its' name -- Beautiful View. The panorama view of Prague at twilight was ...bella! Gelatto and cappuccinos were ... buono! The price was... well, let's just say we paid for the view!

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