Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wonder Super Snow Bunny

Name: Wonder Super Snow Bunny

Super Powers: Super hop that is as loud as a warerabbit. The super hop makes him fly. His hearing is very good. He can hear far away - even he can hear Hawaii (from Prague). When he goes all around, he hears all of the United States of America and even the other places. He can even hear Asteroid Tiny or Photon or Neutron or Professor Darkness or even the Planet Heros or even astroids!

How he got his super powers: Well, when Wonder Super Snow Bunny was a baby, he lived on ColdAndDusty (a planet inside Star Wars), and then he went on a flying saucer and he landed on Earth. One part of ColdAndDusty was destroyed, but not the super hero that is from ColdAndDusty - that superhero, he is at earth.

Bad guys he fights
: One is called "Bank Robber" and one is called "Store Stealer" and one is called "Toy Shop Stealer". The "Store Stealer" don't have any weapons or any powers.

His Super Friends: Super Bunny - from the planet where Superman was a baby - the planet Krypton. Super Bunny was there when he was a baby at the planet Krypton. And then when Krypton destroyed, Super Bunny, he went in a flying saucer and Super Man went in a flying saucer and they went all the way to earth. And Super Bunny was disguised as a news reporter.

Secret Identities: His disguise is he can disguise as a bush. And he goes into a forest and he gets disguised and he sits down and then when a bad guy passes him, he jump out and get him.

And the Super Grasshopper comes and then Super Bunny comes and the Superman comes and then Fog Man. And they all fight the bad guys together.

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