Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hole-in-the-wall Hallal

We've been here almost a year, and it's taken that long to finally find it - a good hole-in-the-wall Indian/Pakistani restaurant here in Prague! We were out on a Friday Family Fun Night, trying out the playground on Opletalova, just outside the Hlavni Nadrazi train station (a fabulous playground, by the way). Dinner time was fast approaching, so we turned to our trusty Prague in Your Pocket to scope out the neighborhood dining possibilities.

One of the first to catch my eye was Hallal Fast Food - just a couple blocks away on Ruzova street. It's not hard to see why this place had escaped our attention for so long. Tucked away down a side street a couple blocks off the beaten path, you'd really have to be looking for this place to stumble across it.

The kids were very impressed by the fact that we were the only ones in the place... and by the green walls (they had redecorated since the picture above was snapped). Even more impressive, though, the kids actually liked the food! Jad and Danna scarfed down their chicken curry. Even Kyler was munching happily away on hot chapatis and aloo gobi. My discerning Sri Lankan tongue gave it the official third-culture-kid stamp of approval.

The food came quick, and hit the spot. So what if the staff was neither Pakistani nor Indian (they were Bengali) - at least they knew how to nod/shake their heads in the authentic South Asian way! The menu was pretty complete - and, from our limited sampling - tasty! Danna suggested that Erin and I return here for a "date night." Must have been the romantic ambiance!

The only disappointment? The after dinner "chai" - which consisted of a Lipton tea bag dunked in a cup of hot water... a couple packets of sugar on the side and milk added - but only when I asked for it.

Have a hankering for authentic curry at prices that won't break the bank? Head down to Hallal Fast Food!

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