Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kyler's Dedication

April 27, 2008 turned out to be practically a perfect day! The weather was delightful -- sunny with a light breeze and plenty of flowers in bloom. The church was full of smiling faces, special friends, and Tayta (Erin's mom). The service seemed to flow like a mountain stream. Definitely the time that Joshua had devoted to planning how he would lead the church service paid off because it was a worshipful experience. Tima had his debut with his first baby dedication -- how special that it was Kyler!! What a pair those two made! And Dejan did an amazing job of tying in Kyler's dedication to his sermon about how life is beautiful and we should live like it is.

Jad, Danna, and Kyler have all been dedicated to God as babies. For us, the parents, this is a gesture that we want to raise our children to be followers of Jesus and citizens of God's creation in a positive way. Just as each of these three children are unique, so were their dedication services!

Jad was dedicated at our small church in Zimbabwe (the one with a thatched roof and no walls), whereas Danna's took place with 11 other children at our church in Portland, Oregon. And Kyler the Smiler ends it with a dedication at Sarka Valley Community Church in Prague, Czech Republic.

Three different kids, three different church "families", in three different countries. What a blessing, though, that no matter where we end up in this crazy world, our family can be a part of the local branch of the "family of God."

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