Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Star Lemonade Maker

You know the saying, "When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade." Well, here in Prague, we have a Czech friend who is a star lemonade maker! Marie is a nurse who started working in the health unit at the embassy about the same that Kevin started his new job. When we showed up, all 5 of us, at the health unit for our orientation and the first round of shots, Marie was there. She took an immediate interest in Jad and Danna and used her positive personality and smiles to quickly win them over as friends. She even allowed Danna to take her blood pressure. When it came time for me to get a shot, Nurse Marie let Danna put the bandaid on me. Danna declared that she wanted to be a nurse just like Nurse Marie when she grew up. Very quickly, Nurse Marie became a favorite in the Rubesh house!

December 2nd is when life decided to throw Marie a lemon. While horseback riding, she was thrown off the horse and broke her spine. The first prognosis was paralysis from the waist down. In January, Jad, Danna, and I went to visit her at the hospital. When we arrived, she used her very strong arms to get out of her bed and into her wheelchair so that we could sit on her bed. (By the way, Jad and Danna thoroughly enjoyed her bed since it had buttons to push to make it go up and down. They tested each button numerous times!) During that visit Marie told us that she was beginning to get some feelings in her hips, which was very encouraging. Marie was very upbeat and positive because that is how she is!

A couple of days ago all 3 kids and I went to visit Marie again, but this time at the rehabilitation center. She met us with a huge smile and then treated the kids to ice cream. During our visit she shared that she could move her hips -- wahoo!! And several times she told us how fortunate she is because she has the use of her arms. Her positive outlook is amazing!! She invited us to go with her to her rehab lesson where she learned how to maneuver her wheelchair on the escalator. Jad and Danna cheered her on as she tackled the escalator (and won)!

So, in our book, Nurse Marie is a star lemonade maker because she continues to smile, to have a positive outlook, and to be thankful. This world needs more Nurse Maries!

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Stephanie said...

... and I thought I was having a bad day! That TOTALLY put things into perspective..

Thanks for the introduction to a very courageous lady! I will be praying for her!

Hope you all are well!

Steph for the Morris fam