Monday, July 9, 2007

Proud siblings

I got to wake up Jad and Danna yesterday morning with the news of their new little little brother. Jad's first words when I told him he had a new baby brother? "Yipee!" Overnight, "Baby Waby" transformed into "Baby Kyler", and Danna proceeded to prance around the house chanting "Baby Ky, Baby Ky, Baby Ky."

Danna assumed her role as a protective big sister right away. In the afternoon, after holding her baby brother for a couple minutes, it was time head home. She looked at her grandmother with big, concerned eyes and asked "Tayta, you take care of Kyler for me?"

More pictures on the website:


Cathy said...

LOVE the name!

(Our first born is a Kyler too. Did you know that?)

Congrats to your beautiful family.

Kevin said...

Cathy... thanks! I'm sure Asia told me when we touched base a month or so ago... but I had completely forgotten.

We've tried to find a name each of our kids that somehow related to the part of the world they were born in. Thus Jendaya (from Zimbabwe), and Jad and Danna (Arabic names, since both were born in Dubai).

We were looking for some name that we could identify as being from Oklahoma... and were reading up on Oklahoma history the other night in a Border's bookstore. Came across the "Kyler Ranch" and loved it right away!