Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pray for Julie

This is a good friend of ours, Julie. She's the good looking one in the middle of the two goofy guys (her husband Dan, and me). I've known Julie and her family for over 10 years now... since before I was an old married man! I've sung with her at our church in Portland. We've vacationed with her and her family in Italy. She sang at our wedding. We've borrowed her dog on more than one occasion, walked in a good ol' fashioned, small-town Fourth of July parade with her, and sat up late into the night chatting over cups of coffee at their seaside cottage in Oregon.

If you know Julie, you know a bit about her heart already. Her heart to lead people in worship. Her gentle nature that lets people just be themselves around her. Her love for her kids, her husband, and just about anyone she comes in contact with. She brings out the best in anyone she's around. Well, Julie surprised us all this last week when she had a heart attack while on vacation with her family in Chicago. On Monday, surgeons are going to repair a problem with Julie's heart that none of us ever knew was there... one that's been hiding in there all of her life.

Please pray for Julie, her husband Dan, and their three daughters as they face this crisis. They're a long way from home, living in a hotel... and she's about to have major surgery, and undergo a long recovery period before she can head home.

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