Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mastiffs, Chiwawas and Poodles, oh my!

Danna and her ChiwawaJad looks for this dog's eyesThis Great Dane towers over the kidsThe OKC Summer Classic Dog Show was the Rubesh kids' latest stop on the list of "fun things to do in Oklahoma City." This time, I got to tag along, have fun and take pictures as well! I flew to Oklahoma a week ago, and have been enjoying life as a full time Dad for the first time in seven weeks!

Back to the dog show... we got to see just about every breed of dog there is. From Danna's favorite (a long-haired Chiwawa) to a Great Dane which was an inch or so taller than Jad. Question for you all... who's the genius that decided poodles had to have such a funny looking haircut? Most of the poodles we saw were getting final blow drys, getting ribbons tied in their hair, and looked postively embarassed by the two poofs of hair on their butts and ball of hair on their tails.

Three quarters of us decided that a much better family dog (once we get settled down in Europe) would be a Bullmastiff. Erin waddled over and sat down next to one of these gentle giants and it immediately snuggled its 180 pounds of muscle up to her and switched into "protective mode." 3/4's of us? Yep - Danna's holding out for a little "yippie puppy."

First things first though - we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Baby Waby" - with an expected due date sometime around July 15th. We've toured the hospital, and still debating names (how about "Edmond" after the town he'll be born in?) Jad and Danna made a unanimous decision this afternoon at lunch that "Fred" would be a great name. Coincidentally, Jad had been playing with an imaginary turtle he'd named "Fred" earlier in the day.

Check back here for news as soon as we have it for you!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're all together and having fun before the new baby arrives! Whatever you do, don't get a "yippie" ankle biter dog -- they just seem too hyper for a family with little ones! Maybe you should get a cat...