Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shloshing around in the Gan HaShlosa

National park visit number two this week was to the springs at the Gan HaShlosha National Park just west of Bet She'an.  To get there, we descended out of the Judean hills toward the Dead Sea, and then headed north on Highway 90, past Jericho (yes, that Jericho, where the "walls came tumbling down").  We pulled into the park after about an hour and forty minutes of easy driving on nearly deserted roads. 

The main feature of the "Park of Three" (Hebrew) or "The Hot" (Arabic) is the series of three natural pools that stay at a constant 80 degrees or so, year around.  On a warm September day like today, they just felt "refreshing." 

There's a kids' wading pool, and two larger pools, with waterfalls connecting them all, before the stream that feeds the pools runs past an ancient mill and carries on its merry way out of the park.  The waters are clear... which gives you a clear view of all the trash at the bottom of the pools.  We caught plenty of "plastic bottle fish", along the occasional "platefish" or "forkfish."

The pools' real-life fish are very inquisitive (though much too fast to catch with our assortment of kids' toys) and give you a gentle pedicure if you'll let them.

Green lawns and lifeguard stands surround the pools.  Barbeque grills dot the park, and there's a restaurant if you forget to bring your lunch along.

A great spot for a lazy day of lounging by the poolside!  Two parks down, 64 to go!

More photos here!