Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why we not Classicals?

One of the many things we enjoyed during our US sojourn this summer was access to music channels on our local cable TV system. The kids soon learned that Erin's favorite channels were the Contemporary Christian music channel and the Classical channel. Trying to figure out which was which, and how it related to us was a little trickier for Danna, our 3 year old philosopher. "Daddy..." she asked one day, pointing to the TV, "this Christian or Classical?" I explained in some detail how usually the Classical station had music with no singing, while the Christian channel had music with words.

She pondered this information for a while before asking "Daddy... we Christians?" "Yes", I replied, "we are Christians." Obviously, the Sunday School lessons and Vacation Bible School talks were beginning to pave the way for a spiritual conversation - or so I thought. Her little brow furrowed in another question. "Why we not Classicals?" she asked. I'm not sure if there was some deeper meaning to her question... but it sure kept us giggling for a couple days!

This summer has been a great taste of "real America" for our multicultural kiddos. From Rodeos and Native American Powwows, to Fourth of July Fireworks and a parade down Main Street, the stuff of have become lasting memories. Our family has grown - both in numbers and in size, as the ever shortening length of Jad's jeans will testify to! Pictures that will give you a flavor our of adventures during the last few months are up on the website.

And so last week, we packed up the accumulations of our summer in Oklahoma. Diapers, clothes, shoes, books, toys and more crammed into every available spot in ten pieces of checked luggage, ranging from carseats to trunks and every type of suitcase in between. Amazingly, all the pieces (and each of the three kids) joined us on the other end of our first flight to Washington DC! We have just a few more days left here, meeting friends and colleagues before we jump on another plane and head "home" to our new home in Prague! (continued at the link below...)

We've been looking forward to this change in scenery for over a year now, and Saturday, we'll finally touch down in the Czech Republic. We're excited... and to be honest, a little nervous at the same time! This will be a brand new country, language and culture for all of us. A new way of living, travelling and shopping, a new job, and a lot of unpacking remains before our house will once again feel like our home! We'll be sure to update you all more frequently here on the blog on our first impressions on touchdown.

For all of you in the Oklahoma area - it sure was nice visiting with you this summer! For those in Portland and elsewhere... sorry we couldn't make it by... we're expecting you to come visit us in Europe instead!

Signing off from the U.S.!

Kevin, Erin, Jad, Danna and Kyler

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