Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maxin and Captain American

Jad told us this story the other day. Yes, he LOVES superheros!

Maxin had a helper named Captain American. Captain American had a shield and he was a superhero and he got the bad guys. They got the bad guys a lot. Maxin - his superhero boots were like red, and his superhero cape was purple and his superhero mask was like yellow, and his superhero clothes were colored like blue. Captain American still had a grappler to swing fast. They bring the bad guys The author, in a serious the police and the police tied their hands and put handcuffs on their hands and then tied their feet, and then the locked the bad guys in jail. When Captain American was not a superhero, his name was Jon and when Maxin wasn't a superhero anymore, his name was Matthew. That was the end.

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