Monday, March 19, 2007

Jad Wins!

Jad says 'I want it to be a baby brother'Danna says 'I want it to be a baby sister'The scans are in... and the little speck of static on the Ultrasound screen was... shall we say... fairly revealing! It's a BOY! Due date? Beginning of July, in Oklahoma City.

Next job - to pick a name to replace the kids' current favorite: "Baby Waby". Our kids have been named based on the countries they were born in - thus the Zimbabwean "Jendaya", and the Arab "Jad" and "Danna".

Do you know any good Oklahoman names?
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Anonymous said...

Good Oklahoman names...maybe it's a personality quirk, but I immediately thought of the musical Oklahoma. Some potentials for boys: "Curly" or "Jud Fry" (not to be confused with Jad). And in case the u/s confused an umbilical cord with a ...(you know) how about Laurey or Aunt Eller! :)